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From Antonio Gallardo Rivera <>
Subject [SUMMARY] How to encode ISO-8859-1 characters into the Database?
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:25:07 GMT

Thank you Very much! It works fine now!

Antonio Gallardo

SOLUTION by Barbara Post :) :
go to the sitemap and ensure that XML and HTML serializers have the following 


CAUSE by Barbara Post:
Sitemap overrides XSP/XSL encoding....

PROBLEM by me :(

I create the Database now using the following string:

	createdb -E LATIN1 -e mydb

	LATIN1 is the encoding used by the database
	mydb is the name of the database

	Now When I wrote: "Olé"
	When I retrieve the values there are: "Olé"

Also, I used at the beginning of the XSP pages the string:

	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

	What is wrong?

The first request: 

	Cocoon 2.0.3
	Tomcat 4.1.9
	PostgreSQL 7.2.1.


If I store a string value, like "Olé" in the Database without using Cocoon. I 
retrieve it and see "Olé". The same string.

With Cocoon:
I need to store values to the Database like "Olé". I saw that the Cocoon
manipulate the data like UTF-8 and not in the code  ISO-8859-1. How I can
change this feature to make Cocoon work in ISO-8859-1 code?

I hope it will help anybody :) And thanks again Barbara :)

Antonio Gallardo

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