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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: XSLT logicsheet parameter issues
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 09:07:13 GMT
On 30.Aug.2002 -- 05:36 PM, Rob Grundel wrote:
> Hey,
> Thank for this. I think this is a good start. Can you give me an example?
> I'll explain the setup of the files.
> In the sitemap i just have these lines:
>    <map:match pattern="pmo">
> 		 <map:act type="request">
> 			  <map:parameter name="parameters" value="true"/>
> 		      <map:generate src="pmo/pugs.xsp" type="serverpages"/>
> 		      <map:serialize/>
> 		</map:act>
>    </map:match>

You need the request action only if you want to access request
parameter from a <= 2.0.3 sitemap. It's totally irrelevant to your

> because the the XSL logicsheet is being called from the XSP file.
> <?xml-logicsheet href="pmo/pugslogic.xsl"?>

While this might still work, the preferred way is to add your
logicsheet to cocoon.xconf and refer to it via the namespace like it
is done with the supplied logicsheets.

> how do we pass the parameter through. Is it by creating xsl:params in the
> XSL file and passing them through from XSP or can we use the request object
> (this being the preferable option) in the XSL file.

Since this just substitutes the tags with some other XML, and
eventually the code ends up in the very same place it has been before,
no special measures need to be done.

The two most common mistakes here are to use xsl:value-of where it is
required to use xsl:copy-of and to create parametrizable tags that
don't use the logicsheet-utils to read those parameters / use
xsp:attribute to specify them.

If you had <xsp-request:get-parameter name="xyz"/> in your XSP, the
same should work in a logicsheet.

See if some logicsheet tags turn up in the page's output.

If this does not help, provide us with code samples (xsp + xsl) and a
detailed problem description.

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