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From Chris Wilder-Smith <>
Subject DOMStreamer oddity
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 15:22:40 GMT

I've built a custom generator that gets a Document object from another 
source and sends it down the pipeline using the DOMStreamer.  This all 
seems to work as I would expect.  If I use a sitemap entry like this:

<map:generate type="dom"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

I get a file back out of the system that is identical to the input, 
which is what I'd expect.
If I use a sitemap entry like this:

<map:generate type="dom"/>
<map:transform src="mystylesheet.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

... it doesn't work - basically the browser gets content with all the 
markup removed.

However, if I use a sitemap entry like this, which references the exact 
same xml source file using the file generator:

<map:generate src="myxmlfile.xml"/>
<map:transform src="mystylesheet.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

... it produces the formatted output that I would expect.

Any ideas why things would act differently in these two scenarios, given 
the fact that the input is apparently identical.



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