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From Tim Cavanagh <>
Subject Fop and extensions ... sorry
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:29:20 GMT
Hi folks,

Sorry I know this has been posted b4 but I still cant find the answer!!!

I am using the following code to pass a request to serialise a pdf for
output. Now it works great ... But damn explorer does not recognise the mime
type as a pdf doc but it does know its a binary file. It just sees the
extension (.xml) and downloads the file but opens it with the app associated
with xml files......sheesh. I have seen the fix for applying a ?pdf=.pdf at
the end of the uri etc and unfortunately cause I am already passing a
parameter it causes an error. Has anyone got a fix?? Please....

<map:match pattern="display_Works/**.xml">
  <map:generate src="display_Works/{1}.xml"/>
  <map:match type="request" pattern="style">
    <map:transform src="{1}.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize />
  <map:match type="request" pattern="pdf">
     <map:transform src="{1}.xsl"/>
      <map:serialize type="fo2pdf" />
  <map:transform src="xsl_display_course.xsl"/>
  <map:serialize />


Tim Cavanagh
Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology

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