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From Valentin Richter <>
Subject Re: Name of uploaded file converted...?
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 13:36:46 GMT
Hi Peter,

May URLencoding the filename could help. Of course, your post-processing logic would have
to work with URLencoding, too. Just an idea.

Valentin Richter

Raytion GmbH
Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 74
40547 Düsseldorf
Fon +49-211-550266-0
Fax +49-211-550266-19

At 10:32 Uhr +0200 3.09.2002, Peter Bär wrote:
>Hi all there,
>after while of staying back just lurking I'm back --- with a new (?)
>little problem.
>We want to upload files from the client to the server. The example
>packaged with the C2.0.3 distribution is just right for what we want,
>with just one little snag:
>If the filename contains special characters like German umlauts (see
>what they look like in my name: Bär), these special characters are
>converted to something else. Depending on the platform the Tomcat
>server is running on the umlauts are converted to question marks
>(Solaris) oder rectangles (Win2k/XP).
>* Does anyone of you know how to preserve the filename during upload? *
>If the filename changes the follow-up processing has no chance to
>find it. That is our problem.
>Thanks in advance, best wishes
>        Peter Bär
>P.S.: Sorry for posting twice, forgot to specify a subject last time.
>GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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