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From "Argyn" <>
Subject RE: presentation help needed: Cocoon apps vs other apps?
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 01:34:41 GMT
I'm not sold on Struts, but I use it. I have nothing against the idea of
using Cocoon as sole platform for generic webapps. However, as one foreign
minister said "I'm not convinced" :) Therefore, I'm not comfortable to
suggest this approach to others.

Recently, I had to design a webapp. I even didn't consider Cocoon. We have a
tight schedule. None of the developers know about Cocoon, and I had
reservations about their familiarity with XML/XSL stuff. It's a totally
different world for most Java programmers. It would be too risky to pick

Struts is very natural when it comes to interactive webapps. It supports
familiar procedural thinking with well known design patterns. It's
relatively easy to jump start. Cocoon is from different mind set. However,
when I had to design document generation module for Struts based app, I
immidiately thought about Cocoon. It was very natural to try it. I didn't
have troubles to plug into Struts: Struts handled all user interaction, when
we gathered all parameters, the HTTP request is sent for Cocoon to generate
a document. It worked seamlessly. The only problem was that some people were
not convinced that Cocoon is as scalable as JSP. The prejudice was so
strong, that for them it was somehow seen better to generate input XML with
JSP, then feed it into document processor. Whereas in Cocoon design there
wouldn't be streamed XML, the XSP would send database input directly into
the pipeline with custom serializer.

Cocoon is hard sell for generic webapps in Java world. When you explain the
architecture of Cocoon, everyone gets excited. I've seen it many times. When
it coms to actual implementation, people get concerned that "it's an
overkill for our situation, we don't have time" etc. It really shines in
non-trivial circumstances.

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  From: Derek Hohls []
  Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 1:47 AM
  Subject: RE: presentation help needed: Cocoon apps vs other apps?

  We also have
  developers here that are "sold" on Struts - I would like
  to better understand where and how these two approaches
  differ or overlap; how to know which one to choose and,
  ideally, how and where they can actually work together!

  My 2c

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