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From Jeroen Cranendonk <>
Subject xmlforms + multiple beans ?
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:27:43 GMT
My college has asked me to post the folliwing question.

He's working with cocoon xmlforms, implementing a system where
a user can fill out forms. There are a large number of seperate sequences of 
forms that can be followed. (file a complaint, file something else, etc.) 
Each of these sequences is currently associated with one javabean which holds 
the data for that sequence.

The problem lies in that many sequences share common parts, say the adress
data of the user for example.
What he would like is to be able to reuse both the forms and a bean for this 
kind of data, say a CommonUserAdressBean and a commongetuserdataform.xml

I believe the form can be fairly easily reused, but when trying to have a 
reusable bean we run into the problem that a form can only have a single
bean/model associated with it. Or atleast so I believe.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to get round this, or how we could apporach 
this differently ? (besides using the adress(for example) bean as a subclass 
for the other bean, this would break if we want to use more then one generic 

So in short , we want to associate more then one bean with an xmlform as its 
model, to be able to use one or several beans that are shared between many 
sequences of forms, and one that's specific to a certain sequence of forms.

Many thanks in advance :)

	Jeroen Cranendonk.

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