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From Charles Yates <>
Subject Re: memory leak using xsl transformer
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 01:26:24 GMT
   In the absence of 'pruning' by the transformer, XSL requires the 
entire document be resident
in memory.  This is because at any point, a template may refer to any 
node in the document.
This is a serious limitation when transforming large documents.  While 
there has been some
discussion of 'pruning' (intelligently eliminating parts of the document 
object that won't be used)
in Xalan, I don't believe there are any implementations of it.  I have 
solved a similar problem by
writing a custom Transformer.  Its not that hard.  I extended 
AbstractSAXTransformer and
implemented the startTransformingElement() and endTransformingElement() 
methods.  The
other option is to buy more memory :-)


Simon Stanlake wrote:

>I have a simple pipeline I'm using for some database->xml->xsl->xml->client
>processing.  I start of with esql creating an xml document, then process it
>with some xsl, then output using the xml serializer.  I'm processing a lot
>of data, sometimes 100M at a time.  Maybe cocoon is not designed for this.
>anyways, doing a 60M file causes my memory usage to jump up ~400M each time,
>and it doesn't go down.  Eventually (pretty quickly actually) my system
>grinds to a halt.  It happens when I add in the xsl step, no matter what xsl
>stylesheet I use to perform the translation.  I am using noncaching stream
>and event pipelines, and have incremental processing turned on.  all other
>stuff is default.
>two questions:
>1) any suggestions?
>2) I've tried unsuccessfully to use a different xsl transformer, both saxon7
>and the latest Xalan, in hopes that it is a problem that comes with Xalan
>2.3.1 (that ships with cocoon 2.0.4).  Can someone give me some tips on how
>to switch transformers?
>my setup...
>RedHat 7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-24.7.x)
>sun jdk 1.4.1_01
>tomcat 4.1.18_LE_jdk1.4
>cocoon 2.0.4
>tomcat and cocoon are binary installs.  JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx256M (tho I've played
>with several settings and no success).
>Thanks in advance,
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