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From Charles Yates <>
Subject Re: caching
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 19:57:37 GMT
Reinhard Pötz wrote:

>As already mentioned I don't know how to set the expiration time. 
>If you use a source the only way to pass a parameter is the source
>string itself (at least AFAIK). I'm not sure if something like
>cache:3h//cocoon://resource/that/takes/a/long/time  or
>would be a good idea.
>What do you think?
     Yes, that is a good idea.  I was planning on something like this 
eventually and
would be simple to implement.  One complication is that this might allow for
conflicting expirations for the same resource.  My guess is that this would
not be a major problem.
     I remember now why I stopped trying to do this with a Generator.  It
was because FileGenerator was Poolable and I needed features of a
singleton that SourceFactory gave me, and as you mention, the greater
flexibility that a Source gives you.


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