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From "Chance, Sam USA" <>
Subject RE: JPEG/PNG IN IE???
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:57:15 GMT
Good news!  I originally saved the svg file with an "xml" extension.  I renamed it with the
"svg" extension and it works!  But the problem now is that the picture is "cut off"  In Spy,
it shows the entire svg, but not in ANY browser.

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	From: Derek Hohls [] 
	Sent: Mon 2/24/2003 11:18 PM 
	Subject: RE: JPEG/PNG IN IE???
	OK - what does your sitemap look like i.t.o. the
	pipeline related to the SVG?  Also, you can try
	and display the SVG via an <object> tag embedded
	in an HTML page...  I have never tried with "pure" 
	SVG and I know IE is sometimes very sticky about
	displaying non-HTML files (eg. to get a PDF output
	to work I had to use a .pdf extension in the URI?!)
	>>> 24/02/2003 07:47:31 >>>
	Thank you for the reply!
	I have an application that generates SVG files (well-formed XML).  I am trying to pass the
"pure" SVG file to the Cocoon svg2jpeg (or svg2png) serializer and on to the client (IE).
 I'm using IE ver 6.0 w/ SP1.
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	From: Derek Hohls [] 
	Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2003 11:15 PM
	Subject: Re: JPEG/PNG IN IE???
	Are you trying to deliver "pure" SVG or are you
	embedding it is an object in HTML page (and, if
	so, how) - also, what version of IE are you using?
	>>> 24/02/2003 07:36:09 >>>
	Ok...I'm trying to get cocoon to deliver (serialize) and (SVG) XML
	document.  It works okay in Netscape and Amaya (except the sides are
	"cut off".  But in IE (6.0) I just get a white screen with the little
	"x" in the corner...
	I checked the archives but didn't see the same problem...Any Ideas?
	Thank you,
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