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From Martin Holz <>
Subject Re: cinclude transformer VERY slow
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:57:43 GMT
"Derek Hohls" <> writes:

> Thanks for this - I have also had problems trying to
> process documents with DocBook - it is a large DTD
> and the stylesheets supplied (assuming you do not
> write your own) are also huge - even without using
> cinclude.
> I knwo for myself that I really do not understand how
> caching works in Cocoon, and most of your questions 
> and suggestions below are pretty much Greek to me (!)

I would be glad, if I understood the details of Caching myself.
Filegenerator does cache files from local filesystem.
CIncludeTransformer does not cache, however there is
a caching version in CVS head. Last time I checked (4 month 
ago or so), it had some problems.

> - is there any way  you could perhaps consider writing
> up a *simple* guide* to dealing this type of issue &
> posting it on the wiki - or is there  already such a beast
> readily available?

In Matthews and Carstens book are a few pages about caching.
They know a lot more about caching then me.
There is

DTD parsing might be a bottleneck and it is not handled 
by the normal cocoon caching.
There are a few things, that may help, but I did
not test it seriously: 

- I don't know much about docbook DTD, but I guess, it is 
modularized. Creating a flat version of it may improve

- Once I stripped all comments from the HTML dtd.
 It improved performance a  lot.
- Writing a org.xml.sax.EntityResolver, that caches the
  dtds to memory might help. Not sure about this,
  since the OS is caching the files too. 

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