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From "caleb racey" <>
Subject ideal hardware for cocoon?
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:02:12 GMT
Hi folks 

We are going to be setting up a dedicated cocoon server soon and I am
trying to spec out the hardware. The operating system will be redhat (8
probably) and tomcat will be the servlet engine.

Does anyone have any experiences of what hardware balance is right for
cocoon? I know this is stupid question with no concrete answer as it
depends on what the server will be doing, loading, etc. etc. etc.

Having said all this what balance would you go for when buying a cocoon
server? Would you go for single processor (2.6ghz) machine with lots of
memory (4-6gig) or a dual processor machine (2 x 2.6ghz) with less
memory (2gig).

My searching of the cocoon, tomcat, and FOP lists hasn't really given me
any good feel for optimum hardware configuration. I'm hoping someone has
some experience. 

The cocoon server is mainly going to be serving FOP based
transformations, xml (xhtml) to PDF and xml to svg to png.  As much
static content as possible will be served from a dedicated apache http
server so this machine will only be doing dynamic xml transformations.
Some of these might get quite large, our present record is xhmtl to 206
pages of pdf.

Again I appreciate that optimum hardware should be reached by careful
study of what us it is going to be put to, but we are just starting out
seriously on the cocoon route so don't have the experience to know
exactly how it will be used.  

Caleb Racey
University Computer Service 
University of Newcastle
tel 0191 222 5916

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