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From Ben Young <>
Subject Fault tolerance...
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:04:16 GMT
In my current work with the aggregation option in Cocoon 2.0.4 it seems that
the aggregation options are not very fault tolerant. If one of the
map:part's of my map:aggregate section points to a file that does not exist,
all map:part's after that one do not get returned even if their files exist.

With a cinclude transformer the error is a bit worse. If the file requested
does not exist in the pipeline, I get a NullPointerException from line 180
in the That line contains the source.recycle()
call. Since the source is never created, there is nothing to recycle. Hence
the error. <breath/>

Would it be possible to make the map:aggregate continue on it's merry way
even if one of the map:part's doesn't resolve to anything?

Would it also be possible to add some fault tolerance to the
CincludeTransformer? It seems to that the cinclude's done using the
cocoon:// protocol don't follow any map:redirect-to's. That's probably
somewhat unrelated, but worth mentioning I guess. 8o)

Thank you for your thoughts and time,

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