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From "Ben Young" <>
Subject Re: Semantic linking (Re: Cinclude issues...)
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:09:21 GMT
Hey Jeff,

I've got cocoon-2.1 CVS up and running. I'm getting ready to play with
some of the LinkRewriter stuff. I think the semantic linking will be a
huge help in certain areas of our site. I'm glad I can continue to use
the "old" relative linking too.

I'm still trying to figure out the cleanest way to implement all these
features into the site map. We're at a place in our site development
where what we do now will affect our predicessors positively or
negatively for a good time to come.

Since I can't bank that those who come after will be "visionaries" I
have to try and get things in place that make since and work well "by
themselves". The less of a learning curve there is the better. I'm sure
you understand. 8o)

I love the concepts of the semantic web and I want to get as close to it
as possible. Currently, though, I'm surrounded with a trillion options
and trying to dig through to what exactly it is that I need to do next
in order to get there. <aside>It seems to be a long sentence day.

Thanks for listening to my rant. 8o) I'll probably post some RT's in the
future about some of what I've been thinking.

I don't know that there was a "call to action" in any of that, but any
thoughts you (or anyone else) may have would be *greatly* appreciated.


>>> Jeff Turner <> 02/11/03 21:19 PM >>>
On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 03:22:53PM -0500, Ben Young wrote:
> Ok, Jeff. I've been pondering this site.xml thing all day.

Btw, the LinkRewriterTransformer is currently only in 2.1.  Although as
the InputModules it depends on are also in 2.0.4, it could be ported
fairly easily.

> <aside>BTW, thanks for the upgrade suggestion. 8o)</aside> I have a
> couple questions about semantic linking that maybe you can field.
> I don't want to give up the "old" linking method just yet, but I would
> like to use semantic linking for certain scenarios. Is this posible
> with the linkmap implementation?

Yes, it's not an either/or choice.  If a link happens to start with
'site:' (or somesuch prefix) it will be translated.  Pretty much any XML
format can be used, by changing the XPath prefix and suffix.

> In order to manage the 7,000+ pages I would definitely need the
> XInclude ability. Would that be very hard to add?

Just a matter of adding <map:tansform type="xinclude"/> to the pipeline.

Though, the XInclude transformer isn't very good.  XPointer support is
dodgy ('/site/samples' doesn't work, but '/site/samples/*' does), and
there is no support for the xmlns() scheme, meaning if your XML uses
namespaces like Forrest's site.xml, you have to use
*[local-name()='foo'].  You might be better off using XML &entities;.

> How hard is it to set up one's own link schemas?

Requires defining a few input modules in cocoon.xconf and the sitemap.
See CVS Cocoon's linkrewriter block
(http://localhost:8080/cocoon/samples/linkrewriter/).  Actually, wait
me to commit a fix for the bookdemo sample..


> Thanks for all your help, Jeff. This look a lot more promising and
> featured then the way I was headed.

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