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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: Is this question too simple to be answered ?
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:54:33 GMT
Not sure about (1) - as I have not done this before,
but for (2) look at the documnentation for the
reload-method="synchron" attribute/value.
(example under:
  - in the section 'Reloading'_

>>> 20/02/2003 12:23:23 >>>
Hi, and thanks for your reply :)

Try relative location for your files.

The problem is that my subsitemap is not located in a subfolder
under the main sitemap. So I must specify as "src" something like
"../../../Apache/htdocs/myFolder/itsHere". Humf!

==> BUT, finally I found 2 interesting things :

1/ Even in Windows, if I specify the path as
   instead "file:///D:\work\web.xmap", it works ! Not really logic.

2/ When I change something in the main sitemap without updating the
   file, it fails ! I must make a "fake" modification in the subsitemap
   make things working ...

A little bit confusing, isn't it ?

BTW, do you have the same behaviours (I use 2.0.4) ???


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