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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: BeginnerSimpleWebappOrganisation strange evolution ...
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:34:57 GMT
>From the Cocoon docs site:

<map:match pattern="faq/*">
   <map:mount uri-prefix="faq" 

The src attribute is where the sub-sitemap is located. 
If it ends in a slash "sitemap.xmap" is appended to find the sitemap, 
otherwise the src value is used. A check-reload attribute can be used 
to determine if the modification date of the sub-sitemap file should be
The uri-prefix is the part that should be removed from the request URI.

The engine will correctly check for a trailing slash (which you may
of course). If in the example above "faq/cocoon" is requested, "faq/" 
is removed from the URI and "cocoon" is passed to the sub-sitemap 
which is loaded from "faq/sitemap.xmap". 

So - the Cocoon docs writer seems to be saying that src DOES NOT NEED
a leading '/'  (of course, I am not sure if one is permissible??)

I think we need clarity from one of the "gurus".... and for both sites
be updated with this detailed clarification !


>>> 20/02/2003 01:59:54 >>>

I noticed a slight modification in

which from my understanding has introduced two severe errors!
As i don't exactly know, why these changes have been made,
i want to ask if i missunderstood something. Here is, what i
find suspect:

1.) Advanced Issue: separating your work folder from cocoon
       <map:match pattern="work/**">
         <map:mount check-reload="yes"

     This snippet i found in the doc. In my eyes this does NOT
     what is explained in the doc. From my understanding the
     source must be declared as absolute path as follows:


     Why has the leading slash been deleted in the doc?

2.) Advanced issue: Setting up a generic mount point outside of Cocoon
     I found a similar modification:


     Shouldn't it be:


I post this email only, because i don't understand, why these mods have

been made. From the history i can see, these mods have been made by
different persons... hmm...

Dr. Hussayn Dabbous
SAXESS Software Design GmbH
Neuenhöfer Allee 125
50935 Köln
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