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From Olivier GUCKERT <>
Subject Re: allowing users to upload pdf files in a web dav directory
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 14:24:18 GMT
The end user produce a pdf file and use cocoon (via upload.xsp) to
publish it : 

upload.xsp provides the end user to select a pdf file and upload it to
the server. I just want the server to store this file not on the server
HD, but in a webdav directory on an other server. I don't know how to
specifying this in web.xml

I hope it's most clear because i can't take you any coffee.


Geoff Howard a écrit :
> I'm sorry - I must need more coffee.  It's still not clear to me.  Here's
> my best guess:
> You want to upload to upload.xsp, but select a file not from your hard drive
> but from a local shortcut to a webdav directory?
> I don't think windows/IE will let you do that.  In my experience with
> webdav (not extensive) I've had to save the file locally first, and then
> upload it.  This is beyond cocoon's control, though.  The issue is on the
> client.
> If, however, you are talking about uploading a file using upload.xsp to a
> directory that happens to also be available via webdav, it would just be a
> matter of specifying the correct directory in web.xml for upload-directory
> or whatever that param is called.

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