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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: SourceWrite error :|
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 16:56:31 GMT
> No effect :(

Oh well.
> Perhaps we could use source:insert instead, we've tried but we get an
> XML output of what we wanted to insert, and no changes on the file :|

No, that is syntax for 2.1 AFAIK, not 2.0.4. You need <source:write src="..."> as 
you had.
> There are no working examples on the documentation, just a scratchpad
> that we already tested with no results also...

Are you using 2.0.4?

> Why are we figuring that altought may appear easy to work with cocoon,
> everytime we atempt to do something simple there's always some problem
> :( And the documentation never tells all the options and tags
> available like the one you just gave us :(

Believe me, it does get easier as you get used to how to work with Cocoon. And 
there are discussions going on at the moment about how to improve 
documentation for people like yourself...check out the Wiki (
> Is there any other transformer to write to a file?

I've had it working, so it is possible.

I used the sample that was as a part of Cocoon 2.0.4. Have you tried moving the 
file out of the way and having another go?


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