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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Recommended Cocoon reading
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 16:11:27 GMT
On 25/04/2003 17:50 Tony Collen wrote:

> As far as books go, if you search Amazon for "cocoon", the top 3 books
> returned should be more than plenty.  However, these only really cover
> Cocoon 2.0.x, and do not touch on some of the more recent technology in
> Cocoon such as the Flowscript.

... and if it helps, here's my highly personal appreciation of these books:

* Langham/Ziegeler

bedtime reading (in a positive sense), explains more than Cocoon only, 
gives a decent overview of developing custom components as well, but 
might be skimming some of the subjects you are looking for - I enjoyed, 

* Moczar/Aston

suffers from a too broad & unevenly spaced typography, yet a more 
thorough overview of everything out there, plenty of samples as well - I 

* Brogden, D'Cruz, Gaither

I'm not particularly keen on this book, to be honest - it's basically a 
trip through the Cocoon samples and lacks a bit of positioning (best 
practices and the like) - but some people might appreciate it as an 
alternative to the online docs. It has a very extensive array of 
Internet pointers, which obviously can become dated very fast.

                                - O -

None of the three books can be considered waste of money, however, as 
you have sometimes with other IT books. The 3 publishers, 7 authors and 
their 3 books will remain the 'classic Cocoon books' for some time to 
come, and I assume only O'Reilly might surprise us with something 
better, maybe.

Be sure to spend time on the Wiki, too, and enjoy the presentations from 
the past GetTogether (

Steven Noels                  
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