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From "Merenidis, Grigorios" <>
Subject Cell Formating in Excel with Cocoon
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 06:53:12 GMT
I' m developing with Cocoon and I try to build a excel spredsheet with the
gnumeric format. but
it doesn't work.

I set the format of the style for the specific cell:

<gmr:StyleRegion startCol="0" startRow="0" endCol="0" endRow="0">

<gmr:Style HAlign="2" VAlign="2" WrapText="0" Orient="1" Shade="1"
Indent="0" Locked="1" Hidden="0" Fore="0:0:0" Back="FFF:FFF:FFF"
PatternColor="9999:9999:FFFF" Format="#,##0.00000">    <!-- that's my
desired value-->

            <gmr:Font Unit="10" Bold="0" Italic="0" Underline="0"
              <gmr:Top Style="0" />
              <gmr:Bottom Style="0"/>
              <gmr:Left Style="0" />
              <gmr:Right Style="0"/>
              <gmr:Diagonal Style="0"/>
              <gmr:Rev-Diagonal Style="0"/>

I now that I have to format the ValueType of the cell content:

 <gmr:Cell Col="0" Row="0" ValueType="40" >   <!-- 40 = for numeric values
        <xsl:value-of select="xy"/>

But the format in the excel spredsheet is not the same as the format I

If I delete the Attribute ValueType="40"   I receive my main aim but without
any content.

Do someone know how I get the style format and the content into the cell of
the excel spredsheet?

Thank you in advance


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