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From "Phil Coultard" <>
Subject RE: London Cocoonist seeks comradeship, possibly more ;-)
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 18:00:02 GMT
Hi Richard,

Well I too am based in London (Fulham/Hammersmith) but I'm afraid I'm just a
newbie so I wouldn't be much use to you yet!

I'm a convert from the MS camp and as such am just learning the ropes... On
the other hand I have found bouncing ideas off someone who thinks in similar
wave lengths even when they don't have a clue can be beneficial to problem
solving so if you want the offer's there.

Phil Coultard

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From: Richard In Public []
Sent: 04 April 2003 17:57
To: Cocoon Users Mailing List
Subject: London Cocoonist seeks comradeship, possibly more ;-)


The online Cocoon community is great, but I'd really love to meet up with
other Cocoon users to discuss Cocoon-based approaches to web-engineering.
Being a lone developer has its advantages, but I sure do miss (in the flesh)
discussion and collaboration.


Richard Hoberman
Belsize Park

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