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From Stavros Kounis <>
Subject Re: seperating content structure and style
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 12:57:57 GMT

i do the same in a small project that build web sites

the content come from .xml 's agregation
then a layout.xsl put all this in order an make the final xml stucture
and then a set of .xsl files produce the final results

it was the only way to have logic inside sitemap
and make sparing use of .xsp

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Kris Rasmussen wrote:

> Let me know what you guys think about this.
> The general idea these days is to seperate content logic and style, as cocoon does very
well. However, I think it is even better if you can seperate structure from style. The way
i have done this in the past is with template calling in xsl. However, I think it would be
much cleaner to have two style sheet transformations in cocoon, one that takes content to
structure, and another that takes structure to style.
> For example, if I had an employee database that output xml like this (content):
> <employee id=2>
>   <name>Some Name</name>
>   <phone>343234234</phone>
>  ...
> </employee>
> I would then transform it to some structural language like this:
> <box title="{@name}">
> <section title="details">
>    ....
> </section>
> <section title="some other section">
> </section>
> </box>
> And then finally transform the structural elements to some sort of presentational form.
> Preferably the structural language would consist of as few as possible elements, maybe
a couple types of box's, a couple types of lists, a couple types of sections, etc.
> Do people do stuff like this already, and if so are there any good xml languages that
one could use to describe structure?
> Kris
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