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From morten svanæs <>
Subject XMLForm modeldata
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 02:05:06 GMT
I'm trying to make a solution for inserting dynamic data into a
xmlform datamodel currently a xml file. What I do is that I use
a xml file as the datamodel, that way I feel I have better control
of the datamodel and I can reload my submited data saved in
xindice very easy back into the form for editing. But now I want
to populate a selectmany entity with data from a collection in
xindice, what I think is a possible solution is to use the
to make the necessary items in the datamodel. Since this probably is
a common problem I wanted to check if there is allready some
solution or work in progress on this issue or kust some hints how use
the ceatePathAnsSetValue especially how to make the AbstractFactory.

Morten Svanæs

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