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From "Amelie Cordier" <>
Subject Re: mod-db - Updating multiple rows
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 10:22:03 GMT
Hi again

> Christian Haul dijo:
>> One thing is impossible, though: update may not affect key columns.
>> This
>>  has been requested by Antonio but he didn't come up with a patch so
>> far
>> ;-)

Yes, I read that on the mailing list archive last week :)

> Hi!
> I dont made the patch since it is posible to create and alias of the
> table and change the key values. I know this is a hack, but it works. :)

I've tried all the solutions you suggested to me but it doesn't work and I
can't find anything in the log files :(

I may have badly explain my problem...because I don't want to update a key
field. As my english is poor, I think that an example is better than a
long explanation.

In my table I've the following records :
idA idB idC idD MyString
1   3   5   6
1   3   5   7
1   5   5   9

And after the update, I want something like that :

idA idB idC idD MyString
1   3   5   6   hello
1   3   5   7   world
1   5   5   9   !

The four numbers of each rows are the key of the field and they are never
modified during an update. Furthermore, during one update, only the idD
key part varies and, of course, the attribute "MyString"...

Here is a sample of code that I've tried. I've put idD either as a key or
as a value but with no results.

   <table name="mytable">
         <key name="idA" type="int">
            <mode name="request-param" type="request"/>
	 <key name="idB" type="int">
            <mode name="request-param" type="request"/>
         <key name="idC" type="int">
            <mode name="request-param" type="request"/>
	 <key name="idD" type="int" set="master">
	    <mode name="request-param" type="request"/>
	 <value name="MyString" type="string" set="slave"/>

Once again, I'm lost
Thanks in advance.

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