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From Steve Brackenbury <>
Subject Cocoon: presentation tier + J2EE EJB business tier --- a valid performant architecture?
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 17:06:29 GMT
I'm looking for others to share their thoughts and experience with Cocoon & 
J2EE EJB architectures.

I am considering using Cocoon for a large application.  We are 
re-engineering a 20 year old mainframe based application that currently 
uses CICS/VSAM.  The new application will be using J2EE architecture, EJBs 
and a RDBMS.

I've been kicking Cocoon's tires and I really like what I see - separation 
of concerns for business logic/model/view, flexible presentation options, 
component based, highly reusable, relatively easy to configure etc...

I can't seen to find any information comparing the performance of a Cocoon 
implementation vs. a standard JSP/Struts based implementation.  I'm 
concerned about XSL and performance.  With a business application that 
involves mostly dynamic content, can Cocoon offer reasonable performance 
for a WebApp and scale to thousands or tens of thousands of users.  Our 
application could have as many as 300-500 concurrent http requests during 
peak business periods.

Also, my development team is experienced with XSL.  I'm concerned about how 
they will react to XSL.  They are experienced JSP developers.  What kind of 
balking might I encounter?  How can I get them to give XSL a fair 
assessment?  Any tips on convincing them of the benefits?

I would love to hear from others who would like to share their experience.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.



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