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From Steve Brackenbury <>
Subject Re: Cocoon: presentation tier + J2EE EJB business tier --- a valid performant architecture?
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2003 13:58:11 GMT
At 01:18 PM 6/8/2003 +0200, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>Le Samedi, 7 juin 2003, à 19:06 Europe/Zurich, Steve Brackenbury a écrit :
>>...Also, my development team is experienced with XSL.  I'm concerned 
>>about how they will react to XSL.  They are experienced JSP 
>>developers.  What kind of balking might I encounter?  How can I get them 
>>to give XSL a fair assessment?  Any tips on convincing them of the benefits?...
>I assume you mean "not experienced".

Sorry for the typo.  Yes, I meant *not* experienced.

< portions of reply deleted>

>Compared to JSP, I think XSLT's advantages are mostly in the ability to 
>generate different formats (HTML, HTML+CSS, SVG, PDF, RTF, WAP, etc.) with 
>similar tools and reusable chunks of XSLT code. If your app produces only 
>HTML the difference in maintainability might not be so important.

I'm hoping to partition the responsibility of page design layout and 
content assembly as much as possible.  We may out-source the page 
layout/design for our project to an external group.  I'd like to take an 
approach whereby developers are really merging content from the business 
model with a template page created by a page designer.  The designer should 
not have to know about XSL details.

I came across an article by Ovidiu Predescu 
(  discussing a topic 
originated by Eric van der Vlist 
( which appears to 
address this design approach.  Are you familiar with this pattern?  What 
are your thoughts?

Because the developers are inexperienced with XSL.  I'd really like to 
establish some "patterns-of'-usage" up front before development 
starts.  I'm hoping this will simplify things and as you pointed out in 
your post Bertrand, will help focus developers on using XSL in the way it 
was intended.

If you have any suggestions on XSL tutorials, patterns or resources you can 
recommend, I would be grateful.

>Hope this helps,
>   Bertrand Delacretaz
>   independent consultant, Lausanne, Switzerland
Yes it does.  Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.



Steve Brackenbury
Toronto, ON, CANADA

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