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From Steve Brackenbury <>
Subject Re: New Sites
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 03:49:28 GMT
At 05:27 PM 6/9/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>On Sunday 9th June, we put live Phase One of our migration of Standard Life
>Investment's sites...

The site looks great and the response appeared to be snappy.

>The box is an IBM RS6000 running AIX, and the software stack is
>Apache/Tomcat/Cocoon 2.0.4.

>Phase Two, which is scheduled to start almost immediately, involves moving
>more apps across to the server, and load-balancing another box in the setup,
>in addition to bringing back within scope, some items which were dropped to
>meet Phase One's go-live date.

I'd be interested in learning more about your impressions of Cocoon's 
performance with apps involving dynamic content.
Most of your site examples appear to be static content, so you can take 
advantage of Cocoon's caching mechanisms to boost performance.

Have you migrated/tested apps that involve retrieving data from databases 
and rendering dynamic pages?  Things like user portfolios/account details 
etc?  I'm curious to see how Cocoon performs when serving up large volumes 
of dynamic content and how well it scales as request volume grows?  Can you 
(or anyone else) share your experience with this?

I'd like to consider Cocoon for the presentation tier of a large business 
application powered by J2EE on the back end.  Almost all of the pages 
served would include some dynamic content, so I'm not sure how much if any 
of Cocoon's caching I could use to boost performance.

I'm wondering if Cocoon is appropriate for such applications or whether a 
more traditional JSP based web app would perform and scale better.  Perhaps 
Cocoon shines best when serving static content and is not appropriate for 
high volume dynamic content?

What options are available for optimizing Cocoon performance when serving 
up dynamic content?  What are the Cocoon "best practices" when dealing with 
dynamic content.

Please share your views and experience on this.  I'd really like to get a 
sense of the Cocoon community's thoughts on this.  I posted a similar 
question a couple of days ago and so far I haven't received any feedback on 
this topic.  Is no one using Cocoon with J2EE?

Thanks in advance for your time.  I'd be happy to take this off-line if 
this is not the appropriate forum for such discussions.


Steve Brackenbury
Toronto, CANADA

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