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From Kevin McDermott <>
Subject Re: New Sites
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 10:28:18 GMT

"Steve Brackenbury" <> wrote in message
> At 11:34 AM 6/10/2003 +0100, Kevin McDermott wrote:
> >"Steve Brackenbury" <> wrote in message
> >
> I'm a Cocoon neophyte, so please set me straight if I'm wrong, but from 
> what I've read about Cocoon's caching mechanism, I'd consider the above 
> content as fairly static.

Yeah...I suppose, the inbuilt file-time caching does help a _lot_.

> The degree to which it would be considered static by Cocoon would depend
> how you've configured caching, the size of the component pool and the 
> number of documents you serve up on the site.  Cocoon would process a 
> pipeline once and for subsequent requests it would attempt to return the 
> requested document from the cache if available.


<snip servlet description>
> Again, depending on the component pool and whether caching is configured -

> I would think "LastModified" would help performance if the Servlet has
> been configured to cache results.

I'm not sure of the effect that this is having, originally it didn't
implement lastModified(), and performance was poor, and when lastModified()
was implemented performance went up, but, unfortunately, other factors
changed too, so I'm not sure about the exact gain.

> We have purchased caching hardware and plan use it to move static content 
> (images and fragments) out to the edge of our network to relieve our web 
> servers of this responsibility.

ESI goes further than that, in defining templates for the edge servers to
request content into, the Edge Servers actually serve the pages, and are
responsible for page composition, I always use Amazon when explaining ESI,
as if they don't use it (I dunno if they do), the page layout really lends
itself to ESI :)

> I guess I'm still looking for a comfort and confidence level that Cocoon
> going to be able to scale if used as the presentation tier for a large
> application.  I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking that if there were a way 
> to achieve the equivalent of a  "LastModified" in the content I serve up 
> from my J2EE business tier, perhaps I can take advantage of Cocoon caching

> to a degree for things like user page refreshes etc...  This should be 
> possible right?  Any caveats or potential issues that would prevent me
> doing this?

the lastModified() method actually pulls it's value from the logic tier in
this case, for the purposes of the very aggressive go-live date, the logic
tier is actually part of the Servlet, but, it's within scope for phase 2 (as
apps are migrated) for this to drop one level to the App server.

Caching business logic is obviously difficult, for our purposes, the feeds
data is updated every 15 minutes during the day, and that's a simple
decision, other data is considerably more difficult.

I can recommend as an
interesting series on improving Servlets, but, if you're going to be using
something like EJB (as we might, for the personalisation that's to follow
for Phase 2), then there are a variety of techniques worth exploring (in
addition to my Teamsite certification, I'm also a Java Enterprise Architect

> Thanks for sharing your experience Kevin.  It's been very useful.  BTW - 
> what release of Cocoon are you using for SLI?

We're using 2.0.4 with some customisations (outlined before)


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