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From Peter Velychko <>
Subject Re[2]: FOP problems with 2.1m2
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 12:53:58 GMT
Hello J.Pietschmann,

JP> Peter Velychko wrote:
>> So there is duplicating "xmlns" attributes in XML generated by Xalan.
JP> Could it be that the AElfred parser from the saxon jar kicks in?

>From Saxon documentation:
"Saxon no longer includes a built-in XML parser: by default it uses
the XML parser supplied with the Java VM. But you can use it with a
different XML parser if you wish."

JP> IT is known to report namespace attributes differently than Xerces
JP> which may cause hickups in some Xalan versions (unfortunately,
JP> this is a dark corner in the SAX spec).
JP> Try to remove the services entry from the saxon jar and see whether
JP> the problem persists. it this fails, see whether you can import the
JP> XML parser functionality from the servlet container rather than the
JP> webapp lib.
JP> OTOH, it could be the XML parser imported from the servlet container
JP> which causes problems. Try to use the Xerces component instead of the
JP> SAXParser component to exclude this possiblity.

JP> J.Pietschmann

The simplest way is to rename "saxon.jar" into "z-saxon.jar" :-)

Best regards,

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