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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: Command Line Interface
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 10:00:59 GMT

> I think I'm getting closer ;).  As you suggested, I downloaded Cocoon
> from
> CVS.  I figured I'd start just by seeing if I could generate the
> webapp/welcome.xml page so I did
> ./ cli -x cli.xconf build/webapp/welcome.xml
> I got "ERROR: Unexpected children of <logging> node" 

That one's strange. That is triggered if the <logging> node has children
(other than attributes). And the <logging> node in your xconf doesn't
have any child nodes. Strange. My HDD crashed last week, so I'm using a
borrowed computer at present. I'm downloading everything I need to debug
Cocoon, so if I can get that working, I'll see if I can fix this one.

> and then "Cannot find
>", though it did seem to load
> WEB-INF/entities/catalog.

I often get that, but it hasn't caused me any problems.

> The brokenlinks.xml file contained "<link message="UnnamedSelector:
> ComponentSelector could not find the component for hint [request] (key
> [request])">build/webapp/welcome.xml</link>".  Does this refer to
> webapp/sitemap.xmap?

Okay, I don't immediately understand why you're getting the
UnnamedSelector error, but the one thing I do spot is the URL you are
requesting is wrong. You need to use just the bit that is given to
Cocoon. So if your URL to access Cocoon when running as a servlet is
http://localhost:8080/cocoon/foo/bar.html, then the URL you pass to the
CLI is just /foo/bar.html.

Try that and see how that does.

Have you considered using the <uri> node in the xconf file to specify
your destination? You can do a lot more with it than if you specify the
URL on the command line.

> Here is my cli.xconf file below.  Thank you for any corrections you (or
> anyone experienced with the CLI) can offer.

Are you willing to say a bit about what you intend to use the CLI for? I
don't tend to hear much about people's planned usage of it.

Regards, Upayavira

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