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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Setup help
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 17:08:10 GMT
Try to get working Tomcat with Cocoon first (e.g.

If this completely works as expected try to add Apache (e.g.

The best hits for "Tomcat + Apache + Cocoon": (Ignore 
the first 4 links.)

Maybe a better list because the links are described:


Samuel Kock wrote:
> Hi there
> I am quite new on this list,  so bear with me.
> I have a existing Cocoon 1.7.4 installation which I am using for a project
> of mine. It was running on Apache JServ and Apache web server 1.3.something.
> Because of diverse things, I now have upgraded Apache to version 2.0.46 (I
> think), using Tomcat 4 (latest version), and Cocoon 2.0 (latest version).
> Now my question is this: In With Cocoon and Apache 1, it set up Apache web
> server that whenever I click on a .xml file, Cocoon is called and it does
> its thing with the XSL transformations. How do you do this with the version
> 2 Setup? Because I see that Tomcat has its own web server built in. How does
> Apache web server, tomcat and Cocoon interact? I looked around on the Wiki
> site, but could not really find anthing revlevant.
> Help please! I just want my version 2 setup to work like my version 1 setup!
> Ciao!
> Samuel

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