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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: How to redirect XSL output to more than one file?
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 13:11:56 GMT
Hello Marco,

I can't recommend to transform big documents like you DocBook book with 
huge stylesheets like DocBook XSL. The transformation will take too much 
time for a user.

But it's not impossible. You can for example use the chunk.xsl in the 
DocBook XSL for chunking a document in different HTML files (It uses 
Xalan redirect extension for output in different files). If a user 
requests one of those pages, you can test if it exists 
(ResourceExistsAction) and if not transform it before.

But the best would be to transform it on the commandline (independent of 
Cocoon) and deliver them as they are.

Marco Stolpe wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm rather new to Cocoon and XSL, but already have used Xalan together 
> with DocBook stylesheets to produce HTML and PDF documents. Having read 
> some of Cocoons online documentation and searched the mailing list 
> archive there still remains the following question.
> Let us assume I have created a rather huge document (a book, thesis, 
> whatever) I'd like to publish on the web. A user visiting the web site 
> should be able to view the document online in HTML-format, download the 
> HTML version as a compressed ZIP-file or download one single PDF file.
> It's clear to me that I can produce one single PDF file with Cocoon, but 
> how can I produce an online (or zipped download) version distributed 
> among several output files in HTML format? It would be painful for any 
> reader to look at one single HTML file consisting of maybe a hundred of 
> pages. I'm not only interested in a solution for DocBook, but a general 
> one. For example, it would be nice to create a presentation consisting 
> of several slides in one XML file, but only to show one single slide on 
> screen.
> One solution which came to my mind was to use XSP together with fields 
> in a query string pointing to the portion of the document the user likes 
> to read. But I'm asking myself if this is the best solution available, 
> since using XSP wouldn't be a very portable solution, would it? 
> Moreover, could I still produce a static version of the document  
> (consisting of several files) using Cocoon from the command line with XSP?
> Thanks in advance for any help/hint,
> Marco

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