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From "Alex Rudnev" <>
Subject RE: [HELP]Element or attribute do not match QName production: QName::=(NCName':')?NCName - problems with default namespace in xsp / xscript.
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 14:19:49 GMT
Hi Joerg,

> I would interpret it as a message about an invalid QName for an
> When you point out the usage of the default namespace am I correct
> it works using a namespace prefix.

That's right. Basically this code works:

<xscript:variable name="test-xml">
	<bla-bla:test xmlns:bla-bla="urn:some-url">!!!</ bla-bla:test>
<xscript:get name="test-xml" />

, and this one doesn't:

<xscript:variable name="test-xml">
	<test xmlns="urn:some-url">!!!</test>
<xscript:get name="test-xml" />

> If so, I guess there is a bug anywhere in the code. 
> Maybe only a simple prefix + ":" + localname and
> the prefix is an empty string.

My assumption is that there is a bug in cocoon code somewhere, most
probably in translation from xsp to java, or somewhere in xscript
related classes, which are responsible for generation of SAX evens based
on the current value of xscript variable. Probably you a right, I did
not have a chance to review the code, but what I looked at was working
either with SAX and maybe somewhere internally with DOM, and did not
produce string / binary representation of xml, so I was very surprised
by this parser's error.

> Can you confirm this. Is your example based on the samples delivered
> with Cocoon?

It's not some of the samples shipped with the cocoon, but I started with
samples in soap directory when I found this problem (I tried to point it
to our service, which has use="literal" in soap:body in the wsdl and has
soap:Body content encoded in default namespace by axis). After playing
around with sample xsp I figured out that problem actually is in
xscript-based code and the xsp file (content of which I sent before)
reproduces the problem - just put it samples/soap/pages directory of
cocoon webapp.

When I don't use xscript to process results of soap invocation (just
output result into some root element of xsp and process it later with
xslt on sitemap level) everything works fine.


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