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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: Flowscript problem?
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:14:41 GMT

> From: Francis Vermeulen
> thanks for the reply. But as I understood it, for a single 
> script there may be multiple continuations at any point in 
> time, all corresponding to different page submissions so that 
> if you use the browser back button, submitting that page can 
> use that particular continuation to restore the intepreter 
> state as it was when that page was being submitted the first 
> time. 

sorry, my last answer was too fast: you are right, local variables are
bound to the continuation. I tried it with the calculator example by
changing all variables to local variables. I entered a and b and then
forked my browser window (using IE with Ctrl+N) and jumped back to enter
a different value for b. If I used local variables I got two different
results which is the right behaviour. I tested with a CVS snapshot from
last week (with the latest rhino lib).

> That's even the example given in the documentation? So 
> I don't understand your point, I'm sorry. Can you clarify 
> further on this? 

Sorry again.

Try out the calculator examples the way I did. Do you get the same
results as I got?


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