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From Joel Pitt <>
Subject Re: Maintaining request in match string.
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:03:19 GMT
> I tried this earlier with the URL Joel quoted and the RequestGenerator
> ignored the parameters completely. I took a quick look in the generator
> source code and saw that it dumped an Avalon "Parameters" object to the SAX
> stream: it called parameters.getNames() to get an iteration of the
> parameters by name. I didn't look at at how the Parameters object is
> created, but it seems that these parameters aren't included because they
> don't have names?

(I'm away from my cocoon install currently so I'm working from memory here.)

I did as David said, except that currently my image is unnamed. It is just an img
<img src="pic.png" ismap=true action="info.html"/>
as I recall.

When I examine the XML returned by the RequestGenerator, it has all the headers
etc. and then the parameters. The relevent part looked like:

<h:parameter name="12,23">

Tomorrow I will try giving the image element a name and report back.


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