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From "John Williams" <>
Subject Form validation multiple rows
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:47:01 GMT
Is it possible to validate a number of input fields having the same name and
get back the error linked to the field causing the problem?

I am using 2.0.4 and find that FormValidatorAction will act on a multivalued
field but it only returns a single value for the field.

For example I have a form used to submit a cyclist together with dates and
times of previous races. Say a cyclist has entered in three races previously
and I want to test the date and time values. The following is in the request
as submitted if  he has left the first date and second time out:
cyclist -> joe bloggs
date -> ,22/03/03,22/06/03 (note value starts with comma)
time -> 1h15,,1h25 (note pair of commas)

I want to be able to indicate that the first date and second time have not
been entered - instead of a just showing a problem with date and time as a

Is there existing functionality to deal with this?

John Williams

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