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From "John Williams" <>
Subject Re: Jakarta Tomcat
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:35:06 GMT
> from the production server of the same application.  I believe this
> require a second instance of Tomcat so I can set different ports for
> Test and Prod to talk to Tomcat.  I will also set different listening
> for each instance of Tomcat to listen  (8080,7080).

Would it not be easier to have a single instance of tomcat but with two
context settings in <tomcat-path>/conf/server.xml, ie one for each .war,

<Context path="/test" docBase="C:\<path-to-test-war>"
debug="0" privileged="true"/>

<Context path="/<actual-production-path-for-url>"
docBase="C:\<path-to-production-war>" debug="0" privileged="true"/>

They could then both be accessed using the same port but with a
different url eg - for test<actual-production-path-for-url>/foo/bar.htm
l - for production

<actual-production-path-for-url> could be just "/"


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