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From Michel Benevento <>
Subject Re: v2.1 Mac OS X installation DOES work
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 08:30:31 GMT

I think this should be in the docs somewhere:

The answer to this problem is to unpack the archive with 'gnutar'  
instead of 'tar'. Using Mac OS X's default tar (which is BSD tar I  
presume) produces a corrupted filename somehwere, causing the whole  
process to fall over. Using gnutar makes everything go smooooth.

Perhaps this is common knowledge amongst people here, but I (and I  
suspect most other Mac OS X users) never heard of this fenomenon.  
Luckily gnutar is also installed on Mac OS X.

I found my answer here: 

So long,

On Tuesday, September 9, 2003, at 03:58 PM, Martin Dulisch wrote:

> Michel Benevento wrote:
>> Martin,
>> Can you please give me an detailed explanation of exactly what
>> you have installed and how you installed it (i am especially
>> unsure about my Ant configuration). I am sure I have all the
>> right downloads, by the way.
> I have no ant installed. I use the ant version from cocoon.
> Make sure that you call the build over the script. Do
> not call ant directly with the build.xml from cocoon.
> Martin
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