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From Stephen Ramsay <>
Subject File upload with flow (Wiki examples)
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 00:14:52 GMT

I've spent the last couple of weeks beating my head against the wall
trying to get file uploading to work in Cocoon 2.1.  I've read the
"File Uploads with Flow" howto on the Wiki (as well as the other
upload howtos, the docs, the update guide, and the list archives),
but I'm still confused about a few points.  Any help would be greatly

1.  The javascript example sets the following variable

var role =;

and then passes it in like so:

var uploader = cocoon.componentManager.getComponent(role);

What is the ROLE attribute and how (or where) do I call it?  I
gather that I need to call some class that implements some kind of
component interface, but I can't figure out which one.

2.  It also says you can "Alternatively . . . write the following
Java code in your sitemap components."  What does it mean to write
Java code "in the sitemap components."  Does that mean use it as an
Action?  I tried to do that and couldn't get it to work, but the
language here makes me think I'm supposed to do something different.
I'd actually rather do this without javascript, but at this point,
I'll settle for anything that works.

3.  The Wiki howto shows you to how call a flow script from the
sitemap (and the Cocoon docs show you how to set up the scripting
environment for flows, and so forth), but I'm not sure what I'm
supposed to do in the sitemap if I want to do a file upload with an
action.  Most of the explanations out there seem deprecated.

I'm sorry if these questions seem really dense.   



Stephen Ramsay
Assistant Professor
Department of English
University of Georgia
PGP Public Key ID: 0xA38D7B11

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