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From "Florian G. Haas" <>
Subject Instructing TraxTransformer to do catalog resolution with document() function
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 15:12:19 GMT
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When accessing a remote document from an XSLT stylesheet using the XPath 
document() function, my transformation process slows down considerably if my 
Internet connection is down. This is due to the fact that the document 
referenced contains a !DOCTYPE declaration whose system ID points to a 
resource on the web. The Transformer apparently attempts to contact this 
resource in order to do validation and entity resolution for the remote 
document, then eventually gives up with a This 
does not cause the transformation process to fail, it only becomes 
disproportionately protracted. The referenced DTD, however, is available to 
the catalog resolver and its local copy is in fact correctly used elsewhere 
in the pipeline.

My problem is, therefore: while the Generator used in the pipeline in question 
correctly does catalog resolution and uses the local copy of the DTD 
referenced as expected, the transformer fails to do so when accessing a 
document via document(). Is there any way to intruct the Transformer to use a 
catalog with document() calls?

Thanks in advance for any hints or clues.

Best regards,

- -- 
Florian G. Haas <>

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