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From Martin Rusnak <>
Subject Re: Problem getting result set from Oracle stored procedures
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 12:47:39 GMT
 > Processing of @resultset-from-object has been broken. I've updated CVS
 > just now. Please update and verify. Anyway, you will still need to
 > enclose the result with esql:results. Apart from that, you may use
 > <esql:call>....</esql:call>
 > <esql:call-results>
 >  <esql:use-result>
 >    <esql:result><xsp:expr>(ResultSet)<esql:get-object from-call="true"
 >    <esql:results>
 >    ...
 >    </esql:results>
 >  </esql:use-result>
 > </esql:call-results>

Finally I used that approach, but I encountered another bug in esql.xsl. There is no
matching prarenthesis on line 1007:

     _esql_query = _esql_query.newInstance((ResultSet) <xsl:apply-templates select="esql:result/*"/>));

After fixing the problem, the query runs successfully. Here is complete page:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsp:page language="java"
<esql:call>{<esql:parameter direction="out" type="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleTypes.CURSOR"/>=call
     <esql:result><xsp:expr>(ResultSet)<esql:get-object from-call="true" column="1"/></xsp:expr></esql:result>
         <esql:get-string column="1"/>

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