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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: How to integrate Cocoon with JMS?
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 02:13:02 GMT
Robert McKinnon wrote:
> What is the quickest way to integrate Cocoon with JMS?
> Is there a JMS Generator available anywhere?
> In my case, I have the possibility to interact with services via JMS
> topics on which I can receive and publish XML messages (not SOAP). I
> would like to use Cocoon as a framework to produce HTML/WML/SVG
> interfaces to the services.
> I looking to find the easiest way to:
> 1) Connect to a number of JMS topics.
> 2) Receive XML in JMS text messages and generate SAX events for Cocoon.
> 3) Take SAX events generated by Cocoon and generate and publish JMS
> text messages to specified topics.
> Any advice is appreciated.

Perhaps someone will have a different perspective, but...

Integrating JMS into Cocoon can be very trivial (I've done it before 
twice).  But what you are wanting to do is not as trivial.  What you are 
looking for amounts to creating a new request/response environment for 

The good news is that Cocoon is built for this and there are already two 
"environments" built into the product: the servlet one that most are 
familiar with and the CLI (command line interface) which does not 
require any servlet environment to function.  The bad news is that this 
may take a good understanding of more of the Cocoon internals than 
you're willing to aquire.

There may also be shortcuts (hacks) you could pursue if the full blown 
solution proves unworkable for you.

To start out, I'd look into the improved 2.1 CLI code, including 
especially the Cocoon "Bean".  There are others on the list who may be 
able to help you with that end of things if you let them know you are 
looking to use the Cocoon Bean to create an alternative request/response 
environment.  (the fact that JMS is involved is almost totally irrelevant)

As to hacks, you could create a totally separate JMS based program which 
would convert from message topics to existing request environments (cli 
or servlet) and invoke that from your code.  There would be negative 
issues to deal with in this approach (like probably performance).


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