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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Hello ! Can I generate PDFs and XLS through a document object and Cocoon ?
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 12:44:37 GMT
Sorry, but I don't understand your question now. The "default" serializer to 
produce PDF is the FOPSerializer from the FOP block. It consumes XSL FO Sax 
events and outputs PDF. Itext is only an alternative. It consumes its own 
XML format. Answers this your question?


jonathan wong wrote:
> Dear Joerg , 
>  Hello ! I am pleased to have your nice help . Can I
> use any PDF Serializer other than itext in Cocoon 2.1
> ? Can I still use a standard XML with XSL FO ? Thank
> you ! 
> --- Joerg Heinicke <> wrote:
>>No, in Cocoon 2.1 you can also use itext to produce
>>PDF, but this needs 
>>another XML structure and this one is no standard.
>>So I prefer the XSL 
>>Fo way even this is a bit complex.
>>I don't know of any Gnumeric2PDF processor. The two
>>file formats are 
>>also for different purposes, so I guess there will
>>never be one - but 
>>who knows at open source.
>>I did it using 2 stylesheets transforming RDF to XSL
>>Fo on the one hand 
>>and Gnumeric on the other hand. The logic of both is
>>partly similar. But 
>>Gnumeric has and needs a cell numbering (<gmr:Cell
>>row="5" col=23"/>) 
>>while XSL Fo has only the order of the elements (as
>>in HTML).
>>You only need the poi jar for generating Excel from
>>Gnumeric file 
>>format. I don't know what you want to use it for
>>jonathan wong wrote:
>>>Dear All ,  
>>> Hello ! Thank you for your reply ! I just
>>>struts-cocoon-2.0 which use Cocoon 2.1M2 . Does
>>>only use XSL-FO to generate PDF ? Can I use
>>>file format to generate PDF ? ( hehe ...... , if
>>so ,
>>>I can only use one XSLT to generate 2 format files
>>>If I use Gnumeric file format , should I download
>>>futher jars to my lib ? Thank you ! 

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