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From Ian Atkin <>
Subject Re: Strange DTD directives...
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 05:07:56 GMT
they are "conditional sections", part of the SGML hangover, related to 
"CDATA sections" (which are another use of the "marked section" concept)

they used to be allowed all over the place in SGML, but in XML 
conditionals are only allowed within the dtd (possibly only the external 

the contents of the first one is included in the dtd, the contents of 
the second is ignored

the only serious use i've seen these put to is the docbook dtd (and it 
uses them everywhere) to allow for coarse customisation - however the 
syntax is a little different:-

<![ %ENT_NAME; [

thus a redefinition of the ENT_NAME parameter entity to "IGNORE" means 
the contents of the section will not be part of the validation process

in your case only direct editing of this file would have any effect so i 
don't really see the point (commenting the attlist out would be just as 

the spec:-

how docbook does it:-

roll on relaxng! :-)

Niclas Hedhman wrote:

>I'm not very good in DTD syntax, but normally gets by just fine, until....
>  <!ELEMENT timezone %ematrix-string;>
>  <!ATTLIST datetime timezone 
>     MET|MET DST|GMTplus1|EET|EET DST|GMTplus2|GMTplus3|GMTplus4|GMTplus5|
>     GMTplus6|GMTplus7|WST|GMTplus8|JST|GMTplus9|GMTplus10|GMTplus11|NZST|
>     NZDT|GMTplus12) #REQUIRED>
>Does any know what the INCLUDE and IGNORE means?
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