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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: XMLForms, configurable actions, and SOAP service
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 22:46:54 GMT
Hello Oleg,

first the bad news: XMLForms is deprecated. The good news: The 
recommended form framework for Cocoon is Woody. I never have used it 
until now, but it seems to be much more sophisticated.

The second part is SOAP. On a running Cocoon 2.1 system having the 
samples installed you can find the following: with a description: "Cocoon ships 
with facilities for immediate connection to SOAP resources. These 
examples show you how to connect to any web service with a few lines of 
XML markup using SOAP XSP Logicsheet." "Examples using Apache 
Axis to give access to Cocoon via SOAP."

I hope it mets you needs.



Oleg Dulin wrote:

> I am working on a proof of concept demo to determine whether using some 
> if the newer Cocoon 2.1 features makes sense in our application. The 
> ultimate goal is to minimize the amount if Java code required to write,
> The requirement is fairly simple:
> -  Show a form to the user
> - Validate the form
> - Submit form values to a SOAP service
> Now, there are the following constraints;
> - We need the solution to be generic enough to be able to create new 
> forms and access new soap services with minimal code changes; ideally it 
> should be a matter of modifying an XML file
> The calculator XMLForm example seems close enough except it is missing 
> SOAP calls. I looked at  AbstractControllerAction source code and 
> noticed a comment that this is an experimental class. How experimental 
> is it ? Are there any better ways to fulfill my proof of concept 
> requirements ?
> Kind regards,
> Oleg

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