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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Forms + XUL
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 08:41:53 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> <snip/>
>> You should check out the Woody samples ("Various" and "Flowscript" 
>> pages) in the latest CVS : it includes tabbed forms, switching panels 
>> with a popup to select the panel, etc. It's based on some high-level 
>> grouping tags that automatically produce the needed HTML, CSS and 
>> JavaScript stuff.
> I must confess; I haven't played with Woody too much, but my "Internet 
> Application Development" class which I am taking definitely makes me 
> miss being able to Just Use Cocoon :)  I feel so dirty mixing HTML and 
> PHP <? ?> code :( 

Oh my, what a pain! Why don't you _teach_ this class?

> What does the HTML that Woody produces looks like?  Will it validate?  
> To what extent? 

Validate ? Sure: it's simply a bunch of <div>, <span> with an associated 
CSS and a few lines of JavaScript !

>> I also added yesterday server-side event handling features, and the 
>> ability for a widget to trigger form submit. Checkout the carselector 
>> sample (updated a few minutes ago) that demonstrates this, and also 
>> the number panel in the "Various" page.
>> It certainly doesn't provide the same user experience as Joerg's 
>> impressive XUL application but, well... works on any browser ;-)
>> Of course, we could also have stylesheets producing XUL for Woody 
>> forms. Any taker ?
> This would be a pretty neat demonstration of the flexibility of Woody, 
> and Cocoon in general.  The only problem I noticed when researching 
> XUL is that all of the form validation is pretty much client-side 
> since it's mainly for being run under Mozilla.  There is very little 
> functionality in the way of "submitting" a form to a remote server, 
> but I did find that there is a Javascript function you can call which 
> posts XML to a remote server, so this might just be all we would need 
> to hook it into Cocoon.

Posting XML ? There's no need for that: a good old form submit is all 
that we need ;-)

> Another thing that needs to be looked into are Woody Forms -> PDF 
> Forms.  The newer versions of Acrobat allow the form data to be 
> submitted to a remote server as XML.  I think it's called XDF? Maybe 
> I'm wrong.

Woody totally abstracts the final rendering of forms, while still making 
it very simple. So if we can produce Acrobat forms from an XML document, 
it should be possible to render Woody forms as PDF.

> Anyway, too much cool stuff, too little time :) 

Poor guy, that has to learn PHP when he is a Cocoon committer :-(
But playing with the Woody samples doesn't take so much time !


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