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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject Re: Wouldn't it be nice if...
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 06:46:45 GMT

>From: Bertrand Delacretaz <>
>Subject: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if...
>Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 08:44:41 +0200
>Le Samedi, 13 sep 2003, à 00:36 Europe/Zurich, Sonny Sukumar a écrit :
>>I was just thinking...wouldn't it be nice if one could give a description 
>>to each pipeline (or matcher) in thes sitemap and then automatically 
>>generate documentation from that telling what each URI does?...
>I'm not sure if I understand correctly, do you mean something like
><map:match pattern="someStuff.pdf">
>   <map:description>
>	Generates the PDF version of the live someStuff data
>   </map:description>
>And then generate a page with the patterns and corresponding descriptions?

Yup, exactly.

>I think this is doable already with something like
><map:match pattern="someStuff.pdf">
>   <!-- DESC: Generates the PDF version of the live someStuff data -->
>And an XSLT transform that takes sitemap.xmap as input and uses these DESC 
>comments. But it's a bit hackish ;-)

Yeah, that's what I mean.  I'd far prefer a more elegant and organized 
(built-in support) approach, like the example you gave above.


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