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From "Sonny Sukumar" <>
Subject How to fetch /authentication/ID in Action?
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 22:33:36 GMT

Hi guys,

I'm working on creating a page that's not auth-protected at all, but it 
needs to show 1 particular piece of info if indeed the user is logged in.  
The pipeline that generates the page calls an Action, and this action is the 
thing that calculates the value if the user is logged in.

So my question is: How can my Action programmatically determine if the user 
is logged in and, if so, fetch the /authentication/ID tag contents?

For my protected pipelines that need to call actions and use the ID, I've 
just been using the {ID} returned by the auth-protect action, but I can't do 
that here.  So how do I do it programmatically?



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