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From Richard Light <>
Subject Re: [HELP]Unable to get transformer handler for docs/task.xsl
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 13:24:43 GMT
In message <>, Kamal El Rhatrif 
<> writes
>I'm using cocoon-2.1rc1 on  unix (solaris 7).
>I have some trouble using the SourceWritingTransformer to update my files.

Can you provide details of the problems you've been having?

As it happens, I've just been using SourceWritingTransformer's 
<source:insert> command to update Topic Maps.  However, the lack of 
namespace support means that I've had to "dumb down" my TM files by 
removing all their namespace prefixes.

Also, while <source:insert> works fine for inserting new topics and 
associations, there is no corresponding command for selectively pruning 
a document.  It would be good if <source:delete> could use the 
<source:path> parameter as an instruction to selectively delete the node 
set specified by the path expression from the document.

>I want to know how does cocoon manage concurrent modifications.

The docs explicitly warn that concurrent mods are uncharted territory.

Richard Light
Richard Light
SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy

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