please use build war to create the war file


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Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 8:06 AM
Subject: installing cocoon 2.1 from source code


Hi and good day to you all!

I am using the binary version of Cocoon version 2.0.4 for JDK 1.4.

My server is the Apache Jakarta Tomcat version 4.1.27.

My database is MySQL version 4.0.13 using the JConnector driver version 3.0.8.

My computer’s operating system is Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

I am trying to install Cocoon version 2.1 from source code by compiling the source using Jakarta “Ant” with the commands: “.\build.bat –Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes webapp”.

As a result of the compilation a folder called “build” is created and in it are the folders “cocoon-2.1” and “webapp”. In the folder build should be a file called “cocoon.war” but it is not there. It tried searching the entire build directory and couldn’t find it. What needs to be done in order to create this file? The cocoon website documentation states very clearly that the command I entered is the command I need in order to create the “cocoon.war” file.

Any help is welcome and greatly appreciated, god bless…